Search and selection of executives and high-ranking specialists

The search and selection of executives and high-ranking specialists is not a routine "headhunting" or personnel recruiting project, but rather a structured, complex consulting process, which requires the utmost discipline, transparency, empathy and interaction with clients and candidates. Therefore, we do not regard our mandate as already being fulfilled by leaving the client with a potpourri of CVs and delegating the assessment and selection decision back to him.
Our responsibility continues.


It is our task, for you as a client
  • to relieve your workload;
  • to save you time that you can invest in your core business;
  • to sound out the market for you professionally;
  • to inform you about the progress of the project and possible obstacles on a regular basis, and without being prompted;
  • to find the best suitable candidates for you and interest them in the position;
  • to advise you trustingly and in consideration of all assessment results and their relevance for the position and the final selection;
  • to gain the final candidate for the position in cooperation with you;
  • to advise and help with appropriate contractual conditions;
  • to support you in the best possible manner with integrating the candidate into your corporate organisation.


It is our task, for you as a candidate

  • to inform you comprehensively and fairly about the vacancy and its specific challenges, and provide you with all of the relevant and accessible information for your decision;
  • to give you open and constructive feedback with regard to your overall suitability to the vacant position;
  • to inform you about the status of the project and your individual position within the search process on a regular basis, and without being prompted;
  • to advise you about the agreement of contractual conditions;
  • to support you in the best possible manner and trustingly, with integration into the company and the new position.

Discretion in dealing with clients and candidates is an absolute imperative for us.

Confidentiality is the basis of trust.

The Executive Search process is divided into the following stages:


In a detailed briefing dialogue with the client, the main elements of the position description (specification) are jointly discussed and agreed. A carefully developed and precise position profile which is agreed by the client, forms the common working basis for the entire search process.

The position description defines the strategic objective of the function, its hierarchical integration into the corporate organisation and its scope of responsibility. In addition to this, the position description specifies the technical requirement profile (training, experience, know-how).

However, as practice has shown, in addition to technical qualifications, it is increasingly the soft skills such as empathy and not least communication skills, which decide the success or failure of an executive. Their significance is often underestimated. Therefore, during this phase it is particularly important for the consultant to question which specific internal challenges await the candidate in the company, in his role as a manager. As leadership competence cannot be part of a documented corporate philosophy, but rather only applied in day-to-day operations, we attach great importance to experiencing and comprehending corporate culture in discussion with the client and its employees. Only in this way, can the consultant make a meaningful assessment of the candidates' suitability for a particular company culture. (We consider suitability as the entirety of all technical and personal qualification components, and their weighting in relation to the client’s specific corporate environment).

Other briefing topics are the agreement of the remuneration framework for the position, and defining the search strategy. In collaboration with the client, we discuss and agree on the appropriate target industries and target companies. At the same time, we specify which functional areas and hierarchy levels will be contacted.

In principle, the search takes place by directly contacting potential candidates. Upon request by the client or if it appears purposeful, direct contact can be combined with a search using advertisements. In parallel with this, we always involve our personal international contact networks in the search.


  • detailed market and industry research, processing of the target company list, and utilisation of networks to identify potential candidates;
  • qualified telephone contact (addressing) of potential candidates and professional presentation of the position;
  • preparation of the "long list" of candidates;
  • regular reporting about the progress of the search and possible market characteristics or difficulties.


  • interviews in advance over the telephone with possible candidates;
  • detailed personal interviews with candidates who come into question;
  • selection of suitable candidates;
  • preparation of details and meaningful confidential reports about the selected candidates and their motivation for change;
  • development of a "short list" of candidates.


  • Organisational coordination of the presentation, and advising the client about determining the company representatives to participate in the discussion;
  • Preparation and initiation of the candidates regarding the interview with the client;
  • Conducting the presentation and moderation of the meeting;
  • Debriefing the presentation meeting through open and constructive feedback for the candidate and client;
  • Advisory and support of clients and candidates with the assessment of the meeting;
  • Managing the communication between clients and candidates in the critical phase between the presentation and decision-making.


  • Advisory and support of the client and the candidate with the final selection / decision-making;
  • Accompaniment and, if requested, moderation of contract negotiations;
  • Advisory of the candidate with separation from his previous company;
  • Advisory of the candidate with integration into the new corporate environment and initiation into the new position (onboarding process);
  • Early feedback concerning possible difficulties and obstacles to the client and candidate.

Contact us. We would be pleased to discuss the specific requirements of your search assignment with you.